Marketing & Communications

Strategic Planning

In today’s multi-channel, mobile, social-media-driven world, you must have a strategy that works not only with your current goals, but supports your overall mission.

Inbound Marketing

Whereas outbound marketing still has its place, inbound marketing has quickly become the best way to achieve the greatest return on investment.


Our experts are known for our tenacious ability to manage news placements or related news events like press conferences, seminars, or educational events.

Crisis Communications

We can help repair a business or personal reputation after attacks in public, in the news or online. Or, create a crisis plan that prepares your organization ahead of time.

Focused On Growth

At Moore Marketing Solutions LLC, we all have a passion for helping government agencies, organizations and individuals tell their story to gain interest, grow audience share and increase profitability. Since its foundation in 1995, MMS has morphed into a company that provides services to a variety of international and domestic clients.

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Media & Broadcast Training

We teach you successful ways to communicate your message whether you are in front of the camera (or microphone) or behind it. Executives, public speakers, spokespersons, politicians, aspiring radio and television broadcasters, camera operators and photojournalists around the world have benefited from our individualized and small group training sessions.

We Understand Your Needs

During our decades of communications, broadcast and video production, Moore Marketing Solutions has successfully delivered every type of marketing and media product imaginable to our private sector clients, government agencies and broadcast networks.


We work with government agencies to educate and deliver information.


Appearing in the media or in front of an audience? We’ve got you covered.


We direct fundraising and public relations campaigns to increase awareness.

Small Business

We drive clients to you so that you can focus on your product or service.

“One of the greatest sources of pride that I have is looking at the honor roll of wonderful talents with whom I’ve worked over the years. You will always be in the top cluster.”
~Ted Koppel, ABC News Nightline

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