Hammerdown Barbeque Restaurant Outside

We’ve Been Known to Sell Out Early


Hammerdown Barbeque located in Loudoun County Virginia is a well-known, local smokehouse. The restaurant is unique in that they make their meats fresh every day and when they sell out, they close. So clientele must plan ahead either by coming early or calling and placing an order. Their food is delicious, mostly because it is all made fresh and is homemade. Owner, Ken, a retired marine, has quite a following and is not only a character but a craftsman and chef.

After opening their Aldie restaurant, they realized they wanted to keep the momentum of the restaurant going (the restaurant consistently earns 4-5 star reviews) by creating a new website.


We provided Hammerdown Barbeque with a site based on what Ken and Bob wanted — a site that featured not only the delicious food (and it IS delicious) but the craftsmanship and details of the restaurant itself. After a photo-shoot (ok, two, because we were hungry one day) and some collaborative planning, we created a responsive site, with beautiful photos, social media integration, and the necessary ‘ingredients’ to draw customers. When COVID-19 hit and restaurants needed to reimagine online ordering, we worked with Hammerdown to make it as easy as possible for customers to order and get their favorite barbeque.

  • Responsive Website Design

  • Photography

  • SEO, SSL, Google Analytics

  • Copywriting

  • Photo Editing

Client Testimonial

“Moore Marketing Solutions did an amazing job on our website for Hammerdown BBQ. The product speaks for itself, but from start to finish the customer service was off the charts.”

– Bob Coonce, Co-Owner Hammerdown Barbeque