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Discover Engineering (DiscoverE) is a renowned nonprofit organization committed to providing every student with a shared STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experience. Their mission centers around offering resources, programs, and connections to enhance the understanding of engineering globally. In 2022, DiscoverE engaged Moore Marketing Solutions to spearhead a public relations campaign for their annual Future City Finals event in Washington, DC. The goal was to elevate the visibility and impact of its flagship event, the Future City Finals, through a comprehensive public relations campaign that would resonate with the target audience and the broader community.


Understanding the importance of the Future City Finals event and DiscoverE’s mission, Moore Marketing Solutions crafted a tailored public relations campaign to highlight the significance of engineering education and showcase the organization’s commitment to STEM initiatives. We devised and executed a strategic public relations campaign to generate buzz around the Future City Finals. This involved press releases, media outreach, and collaborations with influencers to amplify the event’s reach and impact. Our team worked closely with key media outlets and influencers in the STEM and education sectors to secure interviews, features, and coverage for DiscoverE and the Future City Finals, ensuring maximum exposure and reinforcing the organization’s position as a leader in STEM education and advocacy.

Following the success of the PR campaign, DiscoverE invited Moore Marketing Solutions to collaborate on a special video production series titled “Messages Matter.” Our production team traveled the country, interviewing engineers to share insightful stories and perspectives on the importance of engineering for the next generation. We produced 40 short-format videos/reels that will be rolled out over the next year. The “Messages Matter” video production showcased the human side of engineering, connecting with audiences on a personal level and furthering DiscoverE’s mission to improve understanding and appreciation for engineering.

In addition, DiscoverE, needed assistance with notetaking at a special coalition meeting. Moore Marketing Solutions was able to send a consultant to take notes, record, transcribe, and summarize into a report to be shared with attendees and board members.

Building on the success of the 2023 campaign, Moore Marketing Solutions is excited to continue its partnership with Discover Engineering in 2024. Our team will once again spearhead the promotional efforts for the Future City competition in Washington, DC, ensuring a seamless blend of strategic PR and engaging content creation to maintain and enhance DiscoverE’s impact on the global stage.

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“Moore Marketing Solutions brought a level of creativity and strategic thinking to our public relations campaign that truly elevated our Future City Finals event. The success of the campaign and the Messages Matter video production highlighted their commitment to our mission. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

– Kathy Renzetti, CAE, CEO & Executive Director, Discover Engineering

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