Elevating through Comprehensive Marketing Solutions


As a new business, Kowal Financial Advisors sought a versatile marketing partner to create their brand image, strengthen their online presence, and establish effective ways to communicate with new and existing clients. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Kowal Financial Advisors enlisted the expertise of Moore Marketing Solutions to provide all their marketing and communications.


Moore Marketing Solutions embraced a holistic strategy to address these challenges. Collaborating closely with Kowal Financial Advisors, our team devised a comprehensive plan. We created and implemented a branding strategy, introducing modern design elements, a logo, and a cohesive visual identity to project a contemporary and professional image. The client’s website underwent a transformation focused on user experience and mobile responsiveness. The new design showcases services, team expertise, and market commentary, positioning Kowal Financial Advisors as an industry leader. A targeted social media content strategy was developed to create engaging and informative posts. Regular updates across platforms fostered community building and increased brand recognition. Our graphic design team crafted visually appealing collateral, ensuring consistency across marketing materials, from brochures to presentations.
Recognizing the importance of regular communication, we introduced a quarterly e-newsletter to provide valuable insights, updates and thought leadership content to clients and prospects. The cohesive branding and strategic communication efforts positioned Kowal Financial Advisors as a trustworthy and credible financial advisory firm, strengthening relationships with existing clients and attracting new ones.

Moore Marketing Solutions continues to serve as Kowal Financial Advisors’ as their dedicated marketing communications department. Our commitment extends to adapting strategies to meet evolving business goals, including the continued success of the quarterly newsletter in maintaining client engagement and fostering lasting relationships.

  • Marketing & Brand Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Color Pallette

  • Content Development

  • Website Design and Website Care

  • SEO, SSL, Google Analytics

  • Social Media Management

  • Client and Potential Client Communication

Kowal Financial Advisors logo


“Moore Marketing Solutions has been a catalyst in transforming our brand and elevating our online presence. Their expertise, from branding to social media strategy, has significantly contributed to our success. The introduction of the quarterly newsletter has become a valuable tool in our communication strategy. We value our partnership and look forward to continued growth together.”

– Jan Kowal, CFP, CEO & President

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