Amber B Skylar in Yoga Pose

Yoga Instructor


Small business owner, Amber B Skylar, formerly worked as a yoga instructor at INERGY Kelly’s Bootcamp, which is how we met her. She moved to Montana but wanted to continue teaching yoga, and at the same time she wanted to teach, the pandemic hit. So building a mini-website that would help promote virtual yoga classes was a necessity.


We worked with Amber B Skylar to create a non-traditional type of yoga website. She believes in taking a more scientific approach to health and well-being. So the imagery and the simplicity of the site were key factors. Visit We continue to provide website care and marketing strategy.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo Design

  • SEO, SSL, Google Analytics

  • Responsive Mini-Website

  • Amazon Affiliate Product Recommendations

  • Social Media Style Guide

  • Graphic Design

Yoga with Amber B Skylar Website on laptop

Client Testimonial

“Worked directly with two team members [at Moore Marketing Solutions], felt supported, listened to, and as if they really put the time in to analyze my identity. We successfully created a brand and two web sites. I upgraded my contract to add SEO and other services. Well worth money spent.”

– Amber B Skylar, Yoga Instructor, Author, Advocate