Multimedia Video Production

With the constant development of new technologies in video, audio and overall presentation, we stay up on the latest and greatest. Our experienced, award-winning executive producers (aka, ‘story tellers’) provide a seamless combination of planning, conceptual development and content creation that is ready for multi-channel distribution. Our videographers and producers have produced multimedia solutions for businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and television networks around the world (Voice of America, National Geographic, The History Channel, ABC News, The Learning Channel and more).

  1. Overview (define message and goals)
  2. Pre-production (planning and script development)
  3. Production (shooting video and/or b-roll)
  4. Post-production (screening production material, editing, tracking narration)
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Promotional Videos
  • Broadcast News Stories
  • Short-form Videos for the Web
  • Public Awareness Educational Videos
  • Documentary Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos