“One of the greatest sources of pride that I have is looking at the honor roll of wonderful talents with whom I’ve worked over the years. You [Bill] will always be in the top cluster.”

Ted Koppel, ABC News Nightline
“I want to thank you for assembling such an all-star team of broadcast professionals to be the pool for the Republican response to the President’s State of the Union message. Your help was greatly appreciated.”
Senator Bob Dole, Republican Leader
“It was a pleasure meeting you during my presentation training. I totally enjoyed it and look at public speaking differently now. Hope we can work something out for the Kennedy Center Speaker Series. Looking forward to the next step and thank you for your support.”
Susan Sarfati, President of the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives
“I always appreciated the richness of experience you brought to the table. I especially noted the genuine interest in helping people learn that showed in your teaching style and the extra attention you gave participants. You were very much about providing a positive learning experience.

I’ve personally enjoyed working with you, discussing the state of the media, and bouncing ideas off of you. I would enjoy continuing that in one venue or another.”David Milligan, Director of Training and Development, U. S. International Broadcasting Bureau (VOA)

“Why is it that we always seem to be involved in first class work? I know the answer. The answer is YOU. I am extraordinarily fortunate to have you supervising VIEWPOINT and NIGHTLINE special projects.”
William Lord, Senior Vice President of ABC News
“The Moore group has been the backbone of our public awareness campaign, by establishing public relations offices and reaching out to both the domestic and international media to get our message out … by working within television, as well as the various press offices, they are guaranteeing complete coverage of Jordan’s Capital Market.”
Khush Choksy, Capital Markets Component Leader, USAID AMIR Jordan Project
“Your high-quality educational videos will generate an understanding of how securities markets work and why one should consider investing. A key element in our overall educational and outreach strategy, the videos will fill a pressing need in Egypt.”Barry Gray, Chief of Party, USAID Capital Markets Development Project
“I think your group did a remarkable job in highlighting the essential issues involved in the surgical and medical treatment of coronary artery disease…I think that your program was really a very high level accomplishment and I have tremendous respect for the professionalism with which you were able to get that very tough job done. In addition, I also have a great deal of confidence in your compulsion to be accurate.”Bruce W. Lytle, M.D. of The Cleveland Clinic
“Your group worked very closely with the Cairo-based Capital Markets Development Team and our institutional partners, and managed to create a truly outstanding training product. The videos will certainly have a positive impact on how Egyptian investors will perceive and relate to the capital markets.”Ghassan Nakad, CFO of Chemonics International and Senior Manager of the CMD Project.
“Congratulations on your well-deserved Emmy Award. I am delighted that your work is receiving the recognition it deserves. You certainly can be proud of your staff and high level of commitment you and they bring into each program.”Roone Arledge, President of ABC News
“Lisa’s marketing prowess and her wide network of contacts has been instrumental to our success.”Robin Kinkead, Vice President of Dulles South Food Pantry, Inc.
“It was a pleasure working with you. Your team work, knowledge and creativity made my first project a success.”Mittie Rooney, Marketing and Creative Services, The ProMarc Agency
‘Lisa’s contribution to the growth and development of the company [EFS] can hardly be matched.”Ric Edelman, Executive Chairman of Edelman Financial Services
“The bottom line for me is that there are a lot of people who, as they say, can “talk the talk.” But Lisa Korhnak is truly a professional who can “walk the walk” and deliver on what she promises.”Bill Moore, CEO of Moore Marketing Solutions, LLC
“As a brand new nonprofit, hosting our first fundraiser, we turned to Lisa Korhnak for her marketing expertise, and she did not disappoint. She brought a wealth of knowledge, drove the planning process, and the end result was a fundraiser that exceeded all expectations. Her use of social media, multi-media and graphics design helped to build excitement for our cause. As a result of her involvement, we had more buzz, more attendees, and more donations. We will certainly count on her for future events.”Cherry Tapley, Founder and President Nalani Horse Recovery
“As a writer/blogger looking to expand my audience, monetize my blog and find other media outlets with whom to share my work, I was in great need of help with public relations, marketing and social networking. Lisa Korhnak’s experience and enthusiasm for helping me expand the reach of my writing has been invaluable to me. She has offered numerous suggestions for graphic design, blog layout and promotion of my writing. In a very short time, Lisa set up my blog for advertising revenue and has improved its design enormously. She has numerous contacts and consistently works her network to benefit her clients. Lisa is professional, respectful, and enthusiastic when collaborating on ideas and most importantly, has the resolve to bring those ideas to fruition.” Jennifer P. Skinner, Blogger of The View from Behind Home Plate
“Lisa has significantly impacted my private practice in a wonderfully positive way by increasing my client referrals. She is a skilled listener. In a comfortable and sometimes indirect way, she does much ‘behind the scenes’ work to produce quality materials that are cohesive to the brand strategy and then promotes them via social media, web, etc… She has been integral in planning events that have increased community awareness about my practice. In addition to these amazing organizational skills, Lisa has proved herself to a be a writer and public speaker/trainer, as she co-wrote, developed and presented a seven week Divorce Care and Recovery Workshop with myself. Lisa has been pivotal in in growing my practice as a Clinical Psychologist. I cannot say enough good things about Lisa…”Dianna H. Conner-Jeffers, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
“Bottom line, she [Lisa] boosted my web presence, exceeded my sales expectations and expanded my overall client base. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her wide ranging marketing skills/instincts!”Peggy Gibbons, Owner of Orenda Designs
“Lisa Korhnak took immediate action to create an achievable strategic marketing plan that would lead Campbell Wealth Management to the next level. She not only gave direction, but made sure ideas were executed — whether it was taking the lead on brochure design, writing/editing copy, negotiating media buys, media training and more. She is a polished professional, has a network of contacts throughout the DC area, and is able to collaborate and deliver results.”Kelly Campbell, CEO of Campbell Wealth Management