Media & Broadcast Training

We teach you successful ways to communicate your message whether you are in front of the camera (or microphone) or behind it. Executives, public speakers, spokespersons, politicians, aspiring radio and television broadcasters, camera operators and photojournalists around the world have benefited from our individualized and small group training sessions. Our award-winning, network executive producers and video journalists will teach you what it is like to work in a real studio, on location, while training you in technical operations — giving you the tools and skills to succeed in today’s broadcast industry.

  1. Behind the Camera – Learn the fundamentals of pre-production, production, and post-production. Then, gain the essential understanding of using audio, broadcast video (from high-end to smartphone) and photography techniques that will help you produce quality stories an messages. You will also learn proper microphone, lighting and post-production, and editing skills so that you can create an amazing product that will stand the test of time and be available in multimedia formats.
  2. Speech Writing and Delivery – What you say matters. We will teach you how to craft a message that is to-the-point, interesting and understandable. If you are focused on delivering a crisis communication strategy, our experts can help.
  3. On-Camera, at a Podium, or at the Radio Station – Wardrobe, makeup, posture, gestures, vocal strategy, teleprompter, proper microphone technique…lights, camera, action! We give you a complete overview of what you need to do for a successful on-camera delivery or media interview.
  4. Roll Play – Practice, correct, practice, correct, practice, perfect — need we say more?! We work with you to make sure you have it right.

Packages for individuals, small groups (less than 10) and large group sessions.

  • Basic 1-day
  • Advanced 2-day
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced 3+day or multi-week sessions
  • Ongoing support and refresher